Empowering American Veterans

The Battle Brothers Foundation empowers veterans through community-based personal development, economic upward mobility, and progressive medical treatments to better their lives and the lives of their families. You can make a difference in a veteran’s life today by pledging a donation or joining our team of dedicated volunteers!

Our Mission

There is a complex challenge facing our nation’s veterans: a striking number are taking their lives, the medical care offered through standard treatment facilities are often addictive, opiate based substances, and many find themselves stagnated from impactful community and meaningful economic growth. Concerned for our own, we are striving for change with our unique threefold approach.


Our Services

We take a three-fold approach to enriching the lives of veterans returning home from combat by focusing on their personal, medical and economic needs.


Battle Brothers Foundation believes both individual- and community-based mentorship programs are pillars for personal development and growth.



Battle Brothers Foundation supports the use of non-opiate based treatment methodologies to treat a variety of common physical and psychological ailments suffered by veterans.



Battle Brothers Foundation believes in dignity through labor. We help guide the way for economic growth of veterans through apprenticeship trade programs and burgeoning positions in American industry.


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