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The Battle Brothers Foundation provides guidance to our veterans transitioning back to civilian life. We focus on personal development, physical & mental wellbeing, and economic stability to set each veteran on a path to success.

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Battle Brothers Foundation believes both individual- and community-based mentorship programs are pillars for personal development and growth.

The transition from military service to civilian life is more than just a change in occupation; this challenge subjects our veterans to a complete and utter cultural change. The current resources designed to aid veterans in transition provide only minimal guidance toward obtaining success, which oftentimes leads to struggles in searching for a new sense of direction, purpose, and identity. These issues can ultimately lead to self-induced isolation that is detrimental to veteran success upon transition.

The Battle Brothers Foundation will aid transitioning veterans by pairing them with mentors who possess similar aspirations in order to help them reach their full potential in finding a new sense of direction, purpose, and identity, while simultaneously bridging the gap between individuals and community outreach programs by forging interdependent relationships within local communities to further prevent isolation.

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With opiates remaining the most prevalent treatment for the physical and mental ailments derived from military combat, our veterans who are prescribed these medications are at an immediate disadvantage, due to the detrimental side effects of these drugs.

The Battle Brothers Foundation actively supports non-opiate based methodologies to treat PTSD and chronic pain endured in combat. With the help of top-tier doctors, scientists, and research institutions, we are committed to find viable alternatives, besides opiates, to treat the physical and mental repercussions from combat.

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Battle Brothers Foundation believes in dignity through labor. We help guide the way for economic growth of veterans through apprenticeship trade programs and burgeoning positions in American industry.

Upon leaving active duty service, veterans possess skills that are admired by many employers, however, there is a need to sharpen these skills as they pertain to specific work environments.

The Battle Brothers Foundation is partnered with veteran based organizations who provide employment opportunities in security, agriculture, and pharmaceutical sectors of the American industry. These organizations help veterans apply their strong moral principles and leadership skills to demanding work environments, resulting in a superior work atmosphere.

Veterans have proven themselves as top candidates for employment within our organizations.

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